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On each of the three days of the event, GEFE 2022 will feature seminars and panel discussions on Energy and Green FinancingWaste and Sustainability and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Interested in sharing your ideas on one of the topics below and participating in a panel discussion? Please reach out to us!


Energy Transition & Green Financing 


High-Level Plenary

Strategic choices for Vietnam:


how to achieve the COP Goals by mobilizing money and technology from the national and international private sector


the supporting role of the international community and in particular Europe


Panel 1


Can offshore wind support the baseload?


fast implementation & localization 

Waste to energy vs. other sources

hydroelectric, onshore wind, biomass


how to bring it all where it is needed

Panel 2

Financing for large scale RE projects

Green & Climate Funds

Banks' support for leading green businesses

Capital Markets: The Vietnamese ones need to grow tall

Panel 3

Legal Constraints

Panel 4

EU Countries' carbon neutrality strategies


Circular Economy - efficient use of resources


Panel 1

Circular Economy solutions

(participation of DG Environment - TBC)

Panel 2

Green Buildings

Panel 3

Sustainable Agriculture

Panel 4

Blue green infrastructure


Panel 1

Industrial model challenges & opportunities

Panel 2

Carbon zero buildings

Panel 3

Green farming 

Panel 4

Water management


Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Panel 1

Traffic: e-vehicles 

The border of life and IT 

How digitalization can support energy transition

Green Hydrogen; new energy storages 

Panel 2

Student competition (morning session)

Panel 3

Vietnamese green responsible enterprises


Carbon subtraction  


Panel 1

Green Tourism

Panel 2

Behavioral changes 

Student competition (evening session)

EU green SME and Q&A

Panel 3

Carbon credits and CO2 compensation in water management

Digital entrepreneurship and climate change

Crowd funding as a finance solution

Found an interesting topic?

We will gladly forward your intentions to EuroCham, should you be interested in speaking to one of these topics. For that purpose, please provide the following information:

  • Exhibitor's Name

  • Name of the panel

  • Speaker's name and position 

  • Proposed statements / content from your side

Please take note that only exhibitors are able to enquire for a speaking slot. We cannot guarantee your participation in the conference.

Please submit your request to 


Nguyen Tra Thao Anh (Ms. Thao Anh)

Market Entry Consultant

☎️ +84 (28) 3822 7536
💬 Vietnamese, English

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